Apple, Strawberry and Nutella Pie

Apple , strawberry and Nutella Pie
On a nutty and rich crust pastry


I have this lovely old apple tree in my garden and every year it is filled with the most succulent apples you can think of.  This year I have been very busy and nearly forgot about them, as the tree is tucked away in the furthest corner of our garden.  However, over the past weekend I filled a few bags with these apples and this surely ‘called’ for an Apple Pie of some description to be made.

In true Ugne fashion I could not leave the classic, humble Apple Pie in its most pure and simple form – nope, I went for the combo of Apple /Strawberry and Nutella and within my crust I’ve incorporated ground almonds and hazelnuts which gave the Pie and extra-kick of richness with nutty tones throughout.  The addition of the Nutella ad to the flavour and give some ‘depth’ to the flavour of the pie.  With Winter fast approaching, I will surely be dishing up this Pie a fair amount to my family/friends.  Feel free to play around with the fillings and flavour combinations and let me know should you ‘strike’ gold with a new flavour combination!

A little warning:  this Pie is a bit addictive ^_^ – one slice is never enough and you will find it hard to stop…don’t believe me then go bake it and see for yourself how moreish it is indeed!




For the Pie Case
1 part of Nutty Crust Pastry. Recipe to be found HERE

For the filling
4-5 rather large apples (I have no idea of the variety of my apple tree in the garden, but for the pie best are- Breaburn, Fuji or Pink Lady apples.. well… at least for me)
400g starwberies
juice of half lemon (to dilute in water and soak sliced apples for them not to get dark)
100g Soft light brown sugar (sugar quantities varies on how sour your apples are. you might want to half quantities if apples are sweet)
50g dark muskavado sugar
3 stars of Star anise
1tblsp cinnamon
3 heaped table spoons of nutella (or any other hazelnut spread)

Some icing sugar for dusting.


Preheat oven to 180’C

Prepare the pastry by the method shown in the ‘News in My Kitchen’ section.

Roll out your pastry on lightly floured surface, nicely pack in the baking dish/tin leaving it over hanging the edges as it will shrink. Prick the bottom and place in the oven for 15 minutes to pre bake it.

Whilst your pastry is baking, prepare the apples by peeling, coring and slicing them in half moons. In the bowl of water, squeeze the juice of half lemon and place the sliced apple in it to stop from browning.

In the medium pot, place sugar, and star anise and boil on a medium heat until nicely caramelised. for about 10 minutes. Drain the apples, put them in the pot with sugar, add cinnamon and simmer for 2-3 minutes until softened.

Now take your pie shell out of the oven, an let it to cool down on a wire rack.

When apples are done, strain them collecting all apple and sugar juice in the bowl. Pour it back in the pot and simmer on low to medium heat until well reduced and caramelised. After it is all nice and thick, add your nutella, stir well to incorporate and place back on the heat for a few seconds to loosen the mixture to a pourable consistency.

Cut the strawberries in to quarters, set aside.

Start arranging cooled cooked  apples on the bottom of the tart, then strawberries on the top, drizzle with the caramelised sugar and Nutella mix. Roll out the left over pastry and decorate the top of the pie as your heart desires 🙂


Egg wash the top and bake for 20-25 minutes until nicely browned.

Let it cool before removing from the tin.


mmm….. happy eating 🙂


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