Easy Peasy Protein Berry Ice Cream

Easy Peasy Protein Berry Ice Cream


This ice cream takes next to no time to make and is veeeery scrumptious. You will need only 3 simple ingredients and ice cream takes next to no time to make. You are more than welcome to use any frozen berries you wish, in my case, I used blueberries, as absolutely love them, especially knowing their antioxidant benefits.

If you like little bit former texture ice cream- use frozen banana pieces, but if you don’t mind softer- do like me, use banana straight from the fruit bowl.

The below quantities makes nice 2 servings, but as I am a greedy girl and this hot summer day I prefer my post workout treat to be eaten at one go 😀


250g frozen berries of your choice (I used blueberries)
Half of banana (frozen in pieces or just like that)
1.5 scoop of NRGFuel vanilla flavour protein powder.


The name ‘easy peasy’ is for a reason- just throw all ingredients in a food processor bowl and blend for a minute on a high speed setting  until creamy and smooth consistency. You might want to scrape the bowl half way not to leave any unblended pieces.

Transfer to serving bowl, sprinkle some cocoa nibs or just grate square of dark 85% chocolate an enjoy!

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